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Fix Flip Financing

Short-term financing for purchasing and renovating non-owner occupied properties.

Rental Financing

Rental loans provide necessary funds to expand your rental portfolio.

Bridge Financing

Bridge loans offer leverage for purchase to grow your real estate portfolio.


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We offer short-term financing options specifically designed for the purchase and rehab of non-owner occupied properties. Whether you’re looking to flip houses or invest in rental properties, our financing solutions provide the necessary funds to acquire and renovate these properties, helping you maximize your investment potential.

85{098ca1ef77cef511c1db77cfb90b75ded01c1fb04d20d1619dbad6891e9d88e1} LTV for Purchase and 100{098ca1ef77cef511c1db77cfb90b75ded01c1fb04d20d1619dbad6891e9d88e1} Reno Cost

LTARV Not to Exceed 75{098ca1ef77cef511c1db77cfb90b75ded01c1fb04d20d1619dbad6891e9d88e1} of the After Repair Value (ARV)

12-18 Month Term with 6 Month Extension

New Investor

In the past three years, you have either completed up to two flips or owned up to two rentals.

Intermediate Investor

Over the past 3 years, you have successfully completed 3-10 property flips or owned 3-15 rental properties.

Experienced Investor

You have owned 30 or more investment properties (flips and/or rentals) in the last 3 years.

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Have hard money companies, private lenders, crowdfunding platforms and more compete to bring you the best rate and terms. We secure quick approvals to fund long-term rental property loans to help you maximize the cash-flow of your rental property portfolio. No DTI or DSCR required. Our flexible, asset-based private money solutions get you the funds you need.

30-Year Fully Amortized or Interest Only Loans

LLC and Corps. Foreign Nationals Welcome

1-8 Unit Properties

Recourse & Non-Recourse

Investment Properties Only

Property Types

Non-owner occupied residential 1-4 units; condos and multi-family 5-25 units.

Loan Features

Cash-out or purchase loans ranging from $75K to $5 million with options for 30-year fixed-rate or 5-year ARMs.

Multi-Family Portfolio

For real estate investors who are interested in obtaining financing for rental portfolio deals consisting of 5 properties or more.


Mixed-Use Property - New Jersey

Cash-Out Refinance for a mixed-use property in Scranton, NJ. Loan amount of $1,425,000 with a 65{098ca1ef77cef511c1db77cfb90b75ded01c1fb04d20d1619dbad6891e9d88e1} LTV with an 18-month interest-only term.

4-Family - Bronx, NY

Provided a $795,000 Cash-Out Refinance loan for a 4-family investment property in Bronx, New York, for the purpose of fixing and flipping.

SFR in Hollywood, Florida

Helped expand an investment portfolio for a real estate investor with a $475,000 purchase loan for a single-family property in Hollywood, Florida.

Credit Score

We offer programs that don’t require a credit score but if a score is 640 and above the terms of the loan change to favorable.

Loan to Value (LTV)

75{098ca1ef77cef511c1db77cfb90b75ded01c1fb04d20d1619dbad6891e9d88e1} for a purchase, up to 70{098ca1ef77cef511c1db77cfb90b75ded01c1fb04d20d1619dbad6891e9d88e1} for a refinance LTV and up to 65{098ca1ef77cef511c1db77cfb90b75ded01c1fb04d20d1619dbad6891e9d88e1} LTV for cash-out refinance.


Property Acquisition

It’s either a good deal and you need money quick, or you have equity in another property and want to bridge with another property.

Property Refinancing

Pulling money from your rental properties is what we can help with or if you are needing to pay off a private loan, we offer long-term loans for those transaction.

Rehabing Properties

Our fix & flip program is very competitive. Inquire about our line of credit for fix and flip properties. It is a very aggressive program for flippers.


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We are Your Go-to for Quick Bridge Loans

We are Your Go-to for Quick Bridge Loans

Are you in need of a quick bridge loan? Look no further than, a trusted private money lender that specializes in providing fast and flexible financing solutions. Whether you're looking to purchase a property or cash out on your existing...