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    We Specialize in Residential and Commercial Properties.

    Fix & Flip Loans

    • Ground Up Construction
    • Rehab Loans
    • 100% of Rehab Budget

    Bridge Loans

    • Up to 80% LTV
    • $75K – $4M Loan Amounts
    • 10 Day Closing

    Rental Loans

    • DSCR
    • Long Term Financing
    • Airbnb and VRBO

    Aggressive Highlights of Our Private Money Lending

    No Income Check

    No Credit Check

    No Asset Check

    No Seasoning

    Foreclosure Bail-Outs

    No Pre-Payment Penalty

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of properties do you finance?

    We finance 1-4 residential properties, 5-100 unit multi-family units, mixed-use properties, retail spaces, warehouses and storage facilities, office spaces, industrial spaces, gas stations, senior facilities and mobile home parks. Check with us if your property is not listed.

    What is the lowest loan amount you are able to handle?

    Our typical minimum loan amount is $100k, but we have seen them go down to as low as $75k.

    What is the highest loan amount you are able to provide?

    Normally we are capped at $25 million, but we have seen loan amounts exceeding $50 million as well.

    What type of documentation is needed?

    Usually, we do not require any income documentation, everything is based on the location of the property and its equity.

    What are the typical terms for a private loan?

    12-18 months in interest only with an extension clause after 18 months.

    Is there a minimum score requirement?

    We do not look at credit scores unless the transaction is going above our normal 60% loan-to-value.

    What is the maximum LTV (Loan-to-Value) for a loan?

    LTV’s range from 50-80%

    Is appraisal needed for a transaction?

    If the LTV is 50% or below we do not rquire it, if it is above 50% than a drive-by appraisal is required.

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