New York State certified real estate appraisers specializing in residential and commercial real estate.

Our Services

We specialize in providing Real Estate appraisals for personal, legal and tax related uses. All of our appraisers are licensed by New York State as certified Real Estate appraisers and have a minimum of 10 years of Real Estate appraisal experience. We are qualified to appraise any type of property for any reason.

Fair Market Value

There are numerous reasons homeowners may need to assess the fair market value of their homes…

Buying a Home

Get objective, expert advice from a professional real estate appraiser when buying a home…

Selling a Home

Sell your home fast and for the best price with an expert appraisal…


Are you involved in the planning of an estate? Do you need to assess the value of your real estate holdings for other tax-related purposes? We can help…


If you’re filing for bankruptcy, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to give up on your most precious asset: your home…


A home is normally the most valuable asset a couple owns together. At no time is that fact more important than in the event of a divorce…

Why us?

We Have the Tools

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the most current data, we provide the most accurate, sophisticated and up to date appraisals possible.

Certified Experience

Our appraisers are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Competitive Pricing

Not only are we the best at what we do, we also offer the best value.

Lifetime Guarantee

Unlike many companies, we guarantee our appraisals. Don’t risk getting your appraisal rejected. Whichever authority you’re submitting to, we guarantee our work will be accurate and accepted.

15 Years Experience

Property appraisal requires more than a license. It requires experience. Our appraisers have years of time on the job and a track record of success backing them up.

Great Support

Throughout the process, during and after the appraisal, we offer continuing customer support however needed.